Insight into, and how to run the Writer Linking Contest

The IM writer linking contest requires us to randomly select articles from the month’s publishing, and to scan those articles for internal (within blog) and external (within IM, to another IM site) links. These videos give insight into how the contest is run, and instruction on how to run it for those who do so […]

Important Media: The Year in Review

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For our annual meeting reviewing the year before and looking ahead to the next year, you can download the slide deck here. Important Media, Year in Review 2013 (PDF)

Your chance to tell us how it is!


December’s Pul-IM-zer Prize nominees!

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It’s that time again…the best of the best from the Important Media Network, all wrapped up and presented to you for public participation in choosing the article (and author) that will receive the cash and prizes bonus known as the Pul-IM-zer Prize for journalistic excellence. Here are your nominees from the IM network’s many great […]

Linking within Important Media

Hi all, Figured rather than an email, I’d just send you a link and ask for comments in the field below–make this kind of a conversation about our policy for incentivizing writers to link within the IM network. You can read the full post there, but here’s the basics: 1. I ask a volunteer in […]

Braggin’ on: Tanya Sitton, November’s Pul-IM-zer Prize winner

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Congratulations to Tanya Sitton, winning the November Pul-IM-zer Prize in a close vote over Tina Casey’s article about the military’s response to Hurricane Sandy (that climate change is, in fact, the next war that the U.S. must prepare for). Tanya’s brilliant article showed without question that the “tradition” of eating turkeys at Thanksgiving is, like […]

November’s Pul-IM-zer nominees!

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Congrats to Jen Shockley for winning last month’s Pul-IM-zer prize for journalistic excellence in the Important Media Network. Now on to November’s nominees! Vote at the bottom (you may vote for your 2 favorites). Voting will go on for 1 week (closing Tuesday, December 11). In no particular order: A toast-worthy community vineyard grows in […]

Braggin’ on Jennifer Shockley, October’s Pul-IM-zer Prize Winner!


Sifting through 1074 articles published by the Important Media Network last month, we paired down some great journalistic efforts to our top six nominees. There were some great articles, but Jen Shockley’s article, Zero Waste Systems; A Cycle Following Nature’s Design, for Green Building Elements took the cake as the coolest, most insightful, educational, inspirational, […]

Come and Get ‘It! October Pul-IM-zer Prize Nominees

Monsanto Farmers Right to Save Seed

After 1105 articles published by the IM network in September, the network followed with 1074 in October (but somehow made a whole lot more money! Of those 1074, I have scoured and searched (oh the drudgery of my job…reading great sustainability related articles, getting educated, having fun, and “meeting” our writers…whoa is me). This month, […]

Braggin’ on Becky Striepe, our September 2012 Pul-IM-zer Prize winner

pul-im-zer prize ribbon

Our first ever monthly Pul-IM-zer prize was Becky’s article on the connection between BPA and childhood obesity. Well-written, thought provoking, clear, and captivating, it earned the most total votes, and the most first place votes among our editorial team. Congratulations Becky, you win $25 in cash plus a free copy of GBO Hawaii, the sustainability […]