Come and Get ‘It! October Pul-IM-zer Prize Nominees

After 1105 articles published by the IM network in September, the network followed with 1074 in October (but somehow made a whole lot more money! :) Of those 1074, I have scoured and searched (oh the drudgery of my job…reading great sustainability related articles, getting educated, having fun, and “meeting” our writers…whoa is me).

This month, special recognition to Tanya Sitton, writer at EatDrinkBetter, who garnered two nominations and two honorable mentions for excellent journalism, and David Arthur, Andrea Bertoli, and Chris Demorro, each nominated 2x! Way to go Tanya, David, and Chris!

And without further adieu, here are….

October’s nominees for the Pul-IM-zer prize for journalistic excellence in the IM network.

You may vote for your two top choices at the bottom. Poll is open for exactly one week!

Supreme Court to Hear Monsanto Patent Case: Can Farmers Reclaim Rights to Save Seed? by Tanya Sitton,



New Report: GMO Agriculture Increasing Pesticide Use on Cotton, Soy, Corn by Tanya Sitton,




Finding our way out of the climate crisis (series: part 1 and part 2) by really talented guest author who didn’t leave his name but I trust Zach knows who he is :)




This is not food: the collections from Lean Cuisine by Andrea Bertoli, Vibrant Wellness Journal




New campaign against “Toxic” wind tax credit could backfire by Tina Casey, CleanTechnica




Zero waste systems; a cycle following nature’s design by Jennifer Shockley,



Honorable Mentions (Humor, insight, intelligent commentary, community engagement, as well as great writing)

Poop transplants for healing digestive infections. Yes really by Andrea Bertoli, Vibrant Wellness Journal

Food and Politics: Democracy ow Hosts Prop 37 Debate, Interviews Michael Pollan on GMO Labeling by Tanya Sitton, EatDrinkBetter

How Living Roofs Improve Solar Panel Performance by Mathias,

The Kill-A-Watt Energy Meter: A Green Gadget Lover’s Dream, by David Arthur,

Why You Need an Energy Audit by David Arthur,

Disabled Millionaire Spearheaded Hybrid Car to Pursue Driving Pleasure by Chris Demorro, Gas2.0

Clothes that scrub pollution from the air by Becky Striepe, FeelGoodStyle

How sustainable is food from a hydroponic garden? by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg, Sustainablog

Proposition 37 Greenwash: Organic Brands with Corporate Ties Fund Opposition to GMO Labeling, by Jennifer Kaplan,

Is organic food better for kids? by Tanya Sitton,

Study: Chevy Volt Owners Spent Just $300 to drive 10,000 miles by Chris Demorro,  Gas2.0

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